A Hand from: Jan

A Hand @ Hold April 2020“When Sophie invited me to join in ahand2hold, it sounded so simple: whose hand would you like to hold? Why? The road to this choice has more steep climbs and blind curves than imagined, as it brings a flood of memories – people who held my hand in crisis, people I’d like to reach, myriad hands I wish I could hold. Envying the Goddess Durga, Mother of the Hindu Universe, her many hands, I dive in. Is there any other way forward? I return to the first person who came to mind: my father.

He was the kind of man who kept honeybees even though he knew he was allergic to their stings. He would advise you to get right back on the horse that just bucked you off onto hard ground. He taught us to to be kind to and look out for animals and old folks. And he made peanut brittle like nobody’s business.

On many occasions he reminded me, “Baby, everything’s gonna be alright”. If he said that, everybody in earshot felt better because he’d only ever say it when it was true. During a season like this, what wouldn’t I give to hear that?

It’s not clear what he’d be able to say facing this pandemic, but we can reach out – virtually at least – and offer hands to each other with optimism and hope.

May you all stay well and be strong.”

(Green Mountain Falls, Colorado)
(Land of Ute people)

To submit your own hand portrait (in any form: drawing, doodle, photo, video, sculpture, etc) with a piece of wisdom or story of what’s “held your hand” over the years, contact: ToHoldAHand@gmail.com

Why hands? Click here for the story.

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