A Hand from: CJ Lavoie


“My hand painting series was about the concepts of personal will and control, family interactions, heredity, family lore passed down through generations. This one has some elements of a landscape in an abstracted way: clouds and blue sky and night-time stars. The horizontal lines and dots suggest musical scores. The colors contain primary and secondary hues. So it is symbolic of the beauty and rhythm of the heavens, with the viewer looking up to what might at first seem to be oppressive hands holding one down, or instead, welcoming you up to a higher purpose.”

(Watercolor by CJ Lavoie, Colorado Springs, CO)
(Land of Ute people)

More art from CJ Lavoie here

To send your own hand portrait (in any form: video, photo, painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.) and piece of wisdom or story, contact: ToHoldAHand@gmail.com

Why hands? Click here for the story of where AH2H began.

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